Artists FAQ

How do artist earnings work?
Artists earn 25% of the retail price on all products.

The retail price covers the cost of printing, fulfilment, packaging, shipping, and the artist commission.

Once approved, we will configure your art and base prices.

Discounts & Promotions
If the retail price changes due to a site promotion or discount, the artist commission also adjusts accordingly. We share the discount % 50/50 with you.

How and when do artists get paid?
All artist payments are made directly to the nominated bank account. Once your profile is approved we will provide you with confirmation of your banking details and our terms of payments. 

Payments are made every 2nd Friday, for sales from the previous 2 weeks. Artists will receive a bi-weekly sales report and reconciliation after payments are made.

Payments from Kindred Prints will be made via FNB, so please keep clearance times in mind between banks.

Who owns your art?
You do. You retain all rights to the art you publish. You grant Kindred Prints the right to distribute your art. The Kindred Prints team will always carry your best interest at heart and are continuously on the look out for new opportunities to promote your art, through brand partnerships, in-house marketing, wholesale partnerships, and influencer marketing.

Any other questions? Get in touch.